Bhole Baba Seva Dham - Poland

The teachings of Bhole Baba are the main inspirations at the ashram:
to live the universal principles of Truth, Simplicity, Love
and serve Humanity.

Regularly there is a program of Aarti, offering of light and singing of mantra's,
in the morning and evening. It provides a meditative and peaceful experience.

Regularly one can attend a havan (Vedic fire ceremony) which works for purifying the heart and mind as well as contributing to harmony within oneself and others.

During the day one can participate in karma yoga activities, simple voluntary work, as a means for finding balance in life.

Bhole Baba Seva Dham

Św Jana 16
34-143 Lanckorona
+48 665 000 037 (Radha)
+48 667 770 100 (Paramanand)
Email: OM [at] babaji [dot] pl

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